Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2012

The DEFK Questionnaire

   Q1: As a King: what animal/s would you put in your palace garden?
Q2: What person obviously has got some extraterrestrial DNA?
Q3: Something your grandparents wouldn´t understand...
Q4: That´s what I call a vehicle!
Q5: What person should become the ambassador of his country?
Q6: What is the opposite of "sexy"?
Q7: Who is the biggest Show-off ever?
Q8: You would like to have a one-year-ration of...?
Q9: What outfit insults your eyes?
Q10: What can hardly be called art?
Q11: How should a dope residence look like?
Q12: Who would you love to meet in an elevator?
Q13: Who would you hate to meet in an elevator?
Q14: What does "being real" look like?
Q15: What song would you recommend instantly?
Q16: How stupid can a man look like?
Q17: How stupid can a woman look like?
Q18: What´s your favourite Batman image on the internet?
Q19: Who´s gangster?
Q20: Who should get his own personality-show?
Q21: Who should go to hell right now?
(To answer the questions, paste a link or picture or just write a sentence.
Play it with your kids!)

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